Haymarket, VA Real Estate

Chartered in 1799, Haymarket lies just west of Fairfax County. At one point Haymarket was a go between of sorts for settlers heading from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas. Unfortunately, much of the original town was burned down during the Civil War. Only four of the original buildings that were constructed prior to the Civil War are still standing today.

Quality of Life:

Despite its tumultuous past, Haymarket has grown from a rural town into more of a suburban community. But that doesn’t mean the community has forgotten its roots. Ramblers and colonial houses dot expansive lots situated on wide streets. Some of the larger neighborhoods include Piedmont and Dominion Valley.

From May to October, Haymarket residents reap the benefits from the community’s farmer’s market. This is the beginning of horse and wine country and there is plenty to do for those who seek it.

Getting Around:

I-66 and Route 29 are the two main roads that service the Haymarket community. Route 15 bisects Haymarket.


Ronald Reagan National Airport:  < 40 miles.
Washington Dulles International Airport:  < 15 miles.
Baltimore Washington International Airport:  < 60 miles.